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    Usually, the "Purpose and Need" section of the Environmental Impact Statements for rail projects discuss ALl transit demand: both "transit-dependent" populations (i.e., no- or one-car households), and "choice riders" (those who can afford to drive but choose to take public transportation).  You won't have a cost-effective project without both kinds of riders.

    There is a shorthand description in the public transit industry that it must compete (or be a wash) with the highway/drive trip in three ways: time, reliability, and price.  The first two relate to road/highway congestion and its unpredictability, and the last is self-explanatory.  Thus it is that public transit addresses the need for transportation that responds at least to the first two in rush hours, and at least the third in off-peak hours (mid-day, evenings, weekends).  Preferably all three all the time.

    Torture is Wrong! 10% of the US population on Food Stamps: help your food bank.

    by tom 47 on Mon Jun 15, 2009 at 02:59:59 PM PDT

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