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    I'm going to a funeral on Friday, and, just maybe, if the care was better my fiance's grandfather might have lived to see your wedding, and in hindsight, that by itself would have made it worth the world.

    But, he died on his 95th birthday. He'd never been on any meds all his life, and in his last months had been on a variety of things and been a little fuzzy, but, still clear as anything mentally- it was amazing. But his heart wasn't working properly, had buildups of fluids in certain parts of his body due to some steroids, he was on morphine too, iirc.

    Before he passed away, he had a horror story in an ER- I don't think they saw him for over 8 hours and then told him to go home, that they would send someone there, and, I think due to the steroids, his skin was thin, and something happened where he bled all over his nice dress pants and ruined them. i think his wife will try to seek reimbursement for them, someday.

    Listen to Noam Chomsky's Necessary Illusions. (mp3!)

    by borkitekt on Mon Jun 29, 2009 at 02:42:47 PM PDT

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