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View Diary: Dear White People, [ blank ] is NOT like Slavery. (297 comments)

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    that I could really understand what it's like to be in this country and be a black person. I do know that I bristle when some man assumes he knows what it was like growing up being a woman in this country 50 years ago. But I don't think all men are idiots quite the contrary I think this guys an idiot.

    Painting with such a large angry brush may satisfy the moments irritation and anger  with ignorant white people (as you interperate this)but does it get us anywhere further down the road, don't know the answer for you but for me objectifying anybody doesn't work out in the long run. I have been known to ojectivfy some in my time too.

    Is sustaining the anger good for you and the world. I was a very angry woman's liber in my time but I haven't stayed mad about my sexes lack of access to abortion or legal rights against all men since the sixties let alone the 1860's.

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