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View Diary: Frist to change Senate filibuster rules (137 comments)

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    Being from AZ and a Democrat, I don't have a Senator, but if I did, I would want him to be as gummy and obnoxious as possible. The more he foils the GOP agenda the better I'd like him. I can't believe so many Dems are swallowing the GOP's codswallop about Daschle losing to that empty suit Thune because he failed to cooperate with the GOP. What rot. It was homophobia that lost Daschle's seat.

    The voters who we need don't WANT their representatives to cooperate with the corporatist scum. Dem Sentators aren't going to lose support by representing the people who put them in office, even in close states. America is polarized enough that the accusation that you aren't bi-partisan enough is a joke, especially coming from the right. Screw them. Phone in bomb threats if that's what it takes, I want the government shut down. If it's not working in my interest, I don't want it able to work at all.

    George W. Bush does not want you to read the above...

    by mbryan on Wed Nov 17, 2004 at 03:32:17 PM PST

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