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  •  Secession is a non-starter (none)
    Who would want to secede with that madman next door with his finger on the nuclear button?

    Forming hundreds of heavily armed and well trained Democratic militias across the nation would be pretty cool (and legal), though, and might give a few slimy politicians cause for reflection.

    Election 2004: It's the paperless evoting machines, stupid.

    by Jonathan Ferguson on Wed Nov 17, 2004 at 05:11:29 PM PST

    •  What (none)
      are we talking about here: red states nuking seceding blue states, or red state crazies launching a preemptive nuclear strike on, say, China?

      Each in turn:

      1. is just nuts. The Repubes might send in the troops to quell the 'rebellion' like Lincoln did, but they aren't going to unleash a nuclear holocaust in their own backyard. Not even the most fanatical fundy is that crazy/evil/stupid.

      2. is pretty unlikely, too. During the cold war, some of our crazies thought the Soviets were crazy/evil enough to launch a preemptive strike, but it never happened. Evil and oppressive though the Soviet system was, the Soviets were still rational actors. The fundies may be fanatical, but I don't think they're hot to start a nuclear war, either. That's not in their rapture/Armageddon playbook.

      Besides, is it better to have a madman living next store, or under your own roof running the household?

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