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View Diary: Frist to change Senate filibuster rules (137 comments)

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  •  I think the link may also be backed by (none)
    a right wing think tank -- but at least the provide some citations for the legal reasoning.  

    It seems reasonable to me that the senate would have some sort of long term rules that protect the interests of minority parties, but I too don't know how it would get done if the legal reasoning in the article stands up.  

    It's clear to me that unlimited debate is the natural state of the senate -- so if rules from previous senates don't apply the senate should have to vote for a new rule to block filibustering every new senate session.  

    It would be nice to get a SCOTUS opinion on this.  At least it would keep the guy with the gavel from accepting old rules that he likes and dismissing old that he doesn't like without a vote.  

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