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View Diary: Henry Waxman's betrayal of our existence - HR 2749 (129 comments)

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  •  Good but other statutes apply and it's (0+ / 0-)

    ambiguous and thus will need to be interpreted and we can see who will do that interpreting.  Nowhere are homes and gardens excluded.

    But under HR 875, variances or exemptions are offered to ... foreign countries.

    (d) Variances- States and foreign countries that export produce intended for consumption in the United States may request from the Administrator variances from the requirements of the regulations under subsection

    What's more, it is all subject to interstate commerce.

    C. 406. PRESUMPTION.

    In any action to enforce the requirements of the food safety law, the connection with interstate commerce required for jurisdiction shall be presumed to exist ...

    •  How do other statutes apply (1+ / 0-)
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      given that the definition I quoted comes from the part of the code that is being amended by the portion of the bill that mentions "facilities?"

      Are you seriously going to maintain that a definition which explicitly excludes "farms; restaurants; other retail food establishments; nonprofit food establishments in which food is prepared for or served directly to the consumer; or fishing vessels" would be read by any court to include home gardens and kitchens?

      "I agree with you, I want to do it, now make me do it." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

      by jrooth on Wed Jun 17, 2009 at 09:37:54 AM PDT

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      •  The wide openness of including those who "hold (0+ / 0-)

        food" leave this open to interpretation and given how many lies we've been told about the bills' safety, it is absurd to believe assurances now.  One need only look at who is behind the bills and who plans to run this totalitarian agency to say these bills need to be scrapped.  Of look at what laws in Europe which are matched to these have done there.  The threats here are endless.

        •  What happened in Europe? n/t (0+ / 0-)
          •  A planned decimation of farms by WTO through (0+ / 0-)

            the EU, using laws "harmonized" with these bills.


            One of our first tasks, as I saw it, was to warn the Poles just what ‘joining the EU’ would mean for the farming population, for rural communities and for the renowned biodiversity of the countryside.

            Through the auspices of a senior civil servant in Warsaw, Jadwiga and I were able to address a meeting with the Brussels-based committee responsible for negotiating Poland’s agricultural terms of entry into the EU. It proved to be an ominous foretaste of things to come.

            The first thing that struck us was the fact that out of the twelve people sitting in the room at the European Commission, not one was Polish. I explained to the attendant body that in a Country where 22 percent of the working population are involved in agriculture, and the majority on small farms, it would not be a good idea to follow the same regime as had been operated in the UK and other EU member countries, in which ‘restructuring’ agriculture had involved throwing the best farmers off the land and amalgamating their farms into large scale monocultural operations designed to supply the predatory supermarket chains. You could have heard a pin drop.

            After clearing her throat and leaning slowly forward, the chair-lady said: “I don't think you understand what EU policy is. Our objective is to ensure that farmers receive the same salary parity as white collar workers in the cities. The only way to achieve this is by restructuring and modernising old fashioned Polish farms to enable them to compete with other countries agricultural economies and the global market. To do this it will be necessary to shift around one million farmers off the land and encourage them to take city and service industry jobs to improve their economic position. The remaining farms will be made competitive with their counterparts in western Europe.”

            There in a nutshell you have the whole tragic story of the clinically instigated demise of European farming over the past three decades. We protested that with unemployment running at 20 percent how would one provide jobs for another million farmers dumped on the streets of Warsaw? This was greeted with a stony silence, eventually broken by a lady from Portugal, who rather quietly remarked that since Portugal joined the European Union, 60 percent of small farmers had already left the land. “The European Union is simply not interested in small farms,” she said.

            And here's what they are ending up with - CAFOs.

            Oh, and they are using "hygiene" there, too, to get rid of farmers.  Milking a cow by hand is now defined as unsanitary so small farmers who have milked that way for centuries but can't afford the energy consuming, green house gas emitting corporate milking machines, are out of business.

      •  Here is how it works. Part VIII (0+ / 0-)

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