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View Diary: Mia Farrow's Brother, a Suicide, Slammed War After Nephew Died (19 comments)

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  •  An automatic linkage (1+ / 0-)
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    of depression and suicide is easy to make. It is also not right.

    Not everyone that commits suicide has depression. Not everyone who has depression commits suicide.

    The statistical correlation of "older white depressed male" and suicide is relatively strong. Other correlations are stronger. The noise factor is so much higher than the correlations anyways.

    "Don't know why he did it" is about the most we can say.

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      There is a correlation although you are correct that the two are not co-extensive.

      Depression can cause suicide, although by no means all who suffer depression commmit suicide. Many suicides, though by no means all, result from depression.

      (Compare: there is a correlation between heart attacks and death. Heart attacks can cause death, though by no means all who go through a heart attack will die from it. And many deaths, though by no means all, result from heart attacks.)

      Depression is not a moral failing or a sign of character weakness, any more than something like multiple sclerosis. And it can be excruciating. Hence the correlation with suicide.

      You are right we can't assume the cause of suicide in any case is depression, but it might fit this sad instance.

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