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View Diary: Good News on the LGBT front! (and what you need to do to help) (224 comments)

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    Repealing DOMA will allow gay people to get the federal benefits they're entitled to when they marry in the half a dozen and growing states that allow it, or legally partnered in other states that have various forms of legal partnership for its gay citizens.

    Honestly, while I'd love to see the whole thing repealed, I'd even be happy if the compromise were to be just repealing the blocks against gaining federal benefits. But we get nothing if we don't push for it.

    But bills like the DPBO help jump-start this process because they undermine the legal argument for maintaining a federal definition.

    The other view, of course, is that it will cause a circle of self-congratulatory back slaps and a declaration of gay mission accomplished. No, the gayTM stays closed if that's the legislation that passes this year.

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