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  •  Ah mom, do I have to read this? (3+ / 0-)
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    Nova Land, Fabian, plf515

    Well, sooner or later, after gathering all this knowledge by way of reading everything on plf515's book diary, you are going to want to impart (ah yes, by way of those damn presentations!) those thoughts to the public at large. After spending a lot of bucks on the many sham presentation books, attending speaking seminars and burning the midnight oil before a presentation, I offer up one book that contains the essentials, bare bones yes, but by far the most useful book on public speaking. No, you won't be the most unique speaker, you won't have the zen-like power point slides and your natural voice tone will still be the same, but if you need help ("Please, get through this!") - then this is the book you need.

    "There's No Such Thing as Public Speaking" by Jeanette and Roy Henderson.

    Not a sexy book, not a sexy title - buy one you'll be glad is there when someone summons you to "help out at our seminar next week". :-)  



    by FakeNews on Sun Jun 28, 2009 at 07:05:25 AM PDT

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