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View Diary: Fitness Monday features David Kessler with "The End to Overeating" (104 comments)

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  •  fascinating and insightful point (4+ / 0-)

    exercise is a substitute reward.  your brain can get captured not only by food but by many other stimuli.  exercise is one of them.  i wonder about the cross mechanisms invovlved.   I remember for a period of time i would leave the gym and go out an eat two bagels afterward.  do you think it is the exercise or the conditioning that after exercise it is okay to overeat?

    •  I was hungry, and couldn't stop eating, (4+ / 0-)

      couldn't tell that I'd had enough and was 'satisfied'. Now I eat small portions and even sometimes can't finish even that, because I can feel in my stomach when I've eaten enough. It's that different: I can feel in my stomach when I'm full. Before, when I was exercising a lot, I just kept eating, so I think the exercise may have done to my brain something similar to what the fast food does.

      There was some reward aspect to it. But why has that all gone away now? I don't see food as a reward any more. Since I grow it, and cook everything from scratch, I spend way more time preparing it, yet don't eat too much. The reward is knowing how totally healthful my food is now. My breakfast every day is a stew with 10 vegetables, home-grown beans and rice or barley.

      My sweet tooth is totally gone. That was definitely tied in with the exercise.

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