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View Diary: Fitness Monday features David Kessler with "The End to Overeating" (104 comments)

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    anotherdemocrat, cusoon

      workouts. All exercise should not be cardio. I love TV but I have made a pact to myself that if at night I watch for 1 hour it costs me 25 pushups or 50 squats. Another hour is 20 lunges on each leg or 50 situps. I vary every night the exercises I commit to so that I work my entire body in a week.
      I love to watch baseball...especially the college world series once it goes to Omaha. Last week before UNC-CH was eliminated I watched every game. I commited to doing 15 squats at the top to every inning. After the final UNC game I was sore as hell the next day.
      By doing this it forces me off the couch every hour and I don't go for a snack. Plus, after at most two hours, I'm ready to cut off the TV and read or hit the bed early.

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      NC Dem

      UT is in the finals this year. I have actually watched some ot the last couple of games, but I don't understand baseball. Will try doing situps during commercials from what I'm watching.

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      by anotherdemocrat on Mon Jun 22, 2009 at 10:10:20 AM PDT

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