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View Diary: The Path to Peace is not a new map, it's a new contract. (31 comments)

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  •  Phony dichotomy (4+ / 0-)

    You present a phony dichotomy:  If equal rights for women are very important (they are), the equal rights for Palestinians most be less important.  

    This is utterly untrue, and we can see that from some of the statements you manufacture:

    Palestinian women and Israeli women worked together for years in spite of the fact their men were constantly fighting.

    Palestinian women have been just as strident as Palestinian men in their demand for a state in their homeland, free from the brutality of the Occupation.  You have no source for your pretense that they believe otherwise.

    Women's rights are very important around the world, but your create a phony dichotomy when you use that to dismiss the juistice of the Palestinian cause, or the damage to US interests and to world peace that the brutal occupation of Palestine (played out nightly on TV sets across the Middle East) has caused.

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