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View Diary: DailyKos Community Standards: Ratings Abuse (417 comments)

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  •  now that's more likely to get rated up (4.00)
    Just saying.

    "Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx

    by Greg Dworkin on Thu Nov 18, 2004 at 02:55:12 PM PST

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    •  True (4.00)
      It's a self-interested case study.  But I suppose it also suffers from the logical fallacy of assuming that proof of the converse also proves the original.  Then again, maybe I just wanted an excuse to say f--- Joe Lieberman ;)

      The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it. --George Bernard Shaw

      by Categorically Imperative on Thu Nov 18, 2004 at 03:27:37 PM PST

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    •  Gave it a 4 (4.00)
      But just to prove you right.

      It's time to reject a President that says to the American people 'Ignore my record, forget my failures and fear the future.' - Kerry Campaign

      by Armando on Thu Nov 18, 2004 at 03:32:38 PM PST

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    •  LOL. Ya' Got That Right (4.00)
      I once got 42 fours for going off on Joementum.  I felt like a kid who got an A on a test because the teacher made a mistake scoring my answers.  
      •  But that was (4.00)
        a particularly good Joe rant. I think it was right around the time that many of us Joe defenders were hit with the last straw.
      •  Which is why I don't like ratings (none)
        There are times when I see much of this community as a third grade class full of teacher's pets yelling "pick me", "pick me"!!!

        They are needed of course to keep the trolls out - but there are times when I actually think it makes this place less interesting.

        •  But fladem (none)
          that's not a problem with the ratings, that's a problem with the third graders, who invest too much in the ratings.

          The ratings are mostly goofy, but they do serve a purpose.  While galiel has been pointing out that there are others ways to accomplish what the ratings also accomplish, the ratings are probably the most efficient/least disruptive way to meet the needs that they were designed to meet.  That doesn't make them perfect, and certainly not without areas that could use improvement.

          But the bigger problem as I see it isn't the ratings or even that system, but the juvenalia in the community and the very bad combination of egos + ratings + more than occasional immaturity and machiscmo (even on the part of some of the girls).

          Given a choice between ratings and egos, I'd opt to get rid of egos. But I'm not in charge, so I only get to say this in a flip way and only in carefully observed intervals.


          In a democratic society some are guilty, but all are responsible. -Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

          by a gilas girl on Thu Nov 18, 2004 at 09:50:07 PM PST

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          •  Actually, its a problem with Teacher's Pets (none)
            Most students don't feel the need to continually get recognized.

            I suspect, though, that this group is made up of a lot of those who DID need to get recognized.  Hence their need for ratings...

            I completely agree about the amount of juvenalia here. In fact, thrid graders may play together much better ....



    •  Hunting for fours (4.00)
      Heck, all I said was that George Bush fucks goats during satanic rituals in the Oval Office and I got all sorts of accolades.  You can't get enough of that sort of thing, I suppose.

      "The state has no place in the bedrooms of the nation." - Pierre Trudeau

      by fishhead on Thu Nov 18, 2004 at 04:40:12 PM PST

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      •  Damn straight (none)
        ..and if you keep talking like that, I'm going to give you an eight!
        •  No... (none)
          Eights are reserved for those in the community who post photos of Bush interacting with animals.

          What have you done today to take Bush and the Bushies down?

          by JTML on Mon Nov 29, 2004 at 04:26:45 PM PST

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