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  •  asdf (none)
    I have done quite well in the ratings system generally, which I think is true of most people.

    I believe you're right.  I can be pretty opinionated and outspoken, but in the time I've been here I've received only one 0 and less than a dozen 1s.  ISTM that by and large the community standard of mostly giving out 4s is practiced.  My experience is that true ratings abuse does happen, but it is by a very small handful of repeat offenders.  

    Those two topics you mention are definitely the places my low ratings have come, and I think it happens on both sides of each of those debates. In fact my worst rated post ever was on the I/P issue, where I tried to take a middle position on a particular matter and got low ratings from BOTH sides.  Which I think is suggestive as much of the extreme polarization of the issue as any failing with dKos technology or the community, per se.  On the US military issue, as a veteran for peace I can see both sides, and ISTM there are a few here on both sides of that one that get out of bounds.

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