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  •  How to be a Mojo Whore! (4.00)
    I have been considering the idea of posting a satirical diary to expose some of the most common ways I see people abuse the rating system -- sometimes unconsiously, sometimes deliberately.

    For example, rule #1 for being a mojo whore:

    1. Always post a short, flattering remark about the author of a highly recommended diary.

    This will always net you some positive ratings.  The reason this works is because far too many people will "4 you up" simply because they agree and like that you said it.  For example, a few weeks back, someone posted a diary about an experience that they had on election day.  I thought that the author's story spoke very highly of the his character.  So, I posted a comment where I simply said "You, sir, are a hero."  My comment got rated up as people rewarded ME for observing another person's heroism.  That's silly.

    Unfortunately, I only came up with that one rule... so, no diary! :-)

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