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View Diary: Gilad Shalit to be released.  A gesture leading to peace? (170 comments)

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  •  Good news. Hopefully he is alive. This will (3+ / 0-)

    check "actual stumbling block to peace" box #15 out of perhaps 20 that currently exist. I suppose this is "uber-hyped stumbling block to peace" box #2 (#1 depends on what day of the week it is), so I suppose there is some significance and/or impact in the symbolism of his release.    

    The fact that one Israeli soldier could be considered a stumbling block to solving a dispute that involves 10M people and costs hundreds of lives a year (on average) and countless treasure, and is one of the top three US foreign policy quagmires, is a sign of just how contrived the the current stalemate is.

    If he is alive, it will be interesting to see how this changes the perceptions that the people that hold him, presumably Hamas, are hell-bent on "Jew Killing" given that they just let "one" go.  Does this much hyped event provide enough current evidence that the Palestinian parties are ready to deal, or will another "Shalit" like issue be discovered and elevated to insurmountable obstacle status?  That will be the latest sign for me wrt Israeli sincerity or lack thereof.

    Will, as TomJ and heathlander have mentioned, Israel reciprocate and exploit the opportunity to moderate its opposition by releasing Palestinians (in large numbers) from its jails?  Or will it stand pat and accept this gesture and return nothing?  Will we know what this deal was (if one exists) so that we can assess the follow through?

    How many minds will this release open or change?  If this is to be just another case of "they should have done this all along, so nothing's changed?," while ignoring the mirrored, current and ongoing, perverse actions on the other side, a significant opportunity will be pissed away.  Again.

    Or to paraphrase deaniac20, the proverbial "ball" is very much in Israel's court, should this come to pass.

    "Peace be the journey. Cool Runnings!"

    by Terra Mystica on Thu Jun 25, 2009 at 05:03:16 PM PDT

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