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    capelza, Terra Mystica

    it may be helpful to try erasing all the labels off everyone and observe this as a human rights issue. i know that is difficult for you because of your own personal identification issues but it may bring some clarity in terms of how many members of the human community are absorbing the information wrt I/P.

    when one attributes characteristics to certain groups of people it can help to facilitate a predisposition to certain responses. for example if one were to imagine all pals to be terrorists or one to imagine all jews to be evil or vice versa. but when you take all that pre thought away and just look at it as a humanitarian crisis the picture changes and becomes starkly clearer.. it is safe to assume liberal jews are going to be reacting the same way liberals in general are going to react. they are just people first and foremost. given the circumstances i think many moderate minded people are going to be swayed by the conditions on the ground. israel knows that, otherwise they would have allowed the international community to witness the events of the invasion. this is why the media is so important.

    so, we have the sad situation of israel and to many it pales in comparison to a truly drastic humanitarian situation/crisis occurring in areas of occupied/controlled palestine. with the advent of the internet and stuff it makes events on the ground more transparent.

    frankly, it doesn't really matter how much of a bastard i am or how rude i am. most people have limits in terms of how much of a humanitarian nightmare they will condone for moral reasons.

    i just finished a few weeks of touring the situation there. i witnessed things i never thought i would ever see in my life. from a new israel family fresh from nyc who just moved right into a house in east jerusalem that has been owned and occupied by the same arab family since 1957. who now live in a tent in the yard. there are 3 24/7 guards who stand in a little guard booth on the hill above their house making sure the original inhabitants don't move back in and they've hung banners of israeli flags all throughout the property. it is sort of bindboggling. all the little kids running around in the yard w/the curly sideburns looking like  botticelli cherubs. apparently some jewish contractor from new york is set to develope the hillside. and on the front page of the haaretz that day the israeli supreme court is asking why some settlers who have been ordered to leave this one other place are still there, and the idf protect the settlers against the wishes of the supreme court.

    its like weird. the whole thing is weird. and on television the commercials have this guy saying how god gave them the land. the taxi driver ask me why i didn't just read the bible cuz its all in there. and they have separate roads and towns and villages w/no exits for the roads. all these people live around eachother and don't merge. and across the walls people are suffering. there are some drastic fundamental problems that no amount of religious affiliation can justify. i don't care if a person is jewish muslim or christian, it is just wrong. it's all screwed up. it requires massive intervention. this is not going to come down to people dividing over religion. it will come down to people dividing over basic principles of right and wrong and human rights. and right now israel is on the wrong side of history. liberal jews will come down on the side of whats right, common sense will prevail. zionism isn't looking or acting very pretty right now. on paper it all sounds very reasonable. jews having their own country la di da. but the actuality of how it's working out, and the immigration of all those russians who aren't even jewish to balance out the population?

    bottom line you have a piece of land where 1/2 the population has no rights, no vote in terms of who really controls them (let's be honest about the actual 'power' of the palestinian 'authority'), and they call themselves a democracy. well, it ain't gonna fly for the long haul. it just won't. the only way israel can survive as a zionist society is to make accommodations for the other half of the population.

    the saddest part of it is there are so many really wonderful people over there. the fact that they can't get along is the saddest thing. i met the most incredible people on my trip in all the areas i traveled.

    i am so encouraged right now that there will be a breakthru for peace in the coming near future. i really believe it. i don't know how, but i believe it can happen. i think this is a sign of the beginning of the process. we just have to have an abundance of faith in all the parties involved, and be able to shed our past judgements about what and who is justified. we have to find reconciliations and accommodations.

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