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View Diary: Will Franken's arrival break the public option logjam? (36 comments)

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  •  More to it than cloture, however. (0+ / 0-)

    There's been a lot of commentary to the effect that the Dems had to compromise on the stimulus bill, and take a smaller and less effective program, due to Franken's absence.  Cloture aside, one more vote in the Senate will not possibly weaken the bill, and could make the difference between saving an important provision (maybe even the public option), getting more generous subsidies for low-income folk, or heading off the many far-right goofball amendments we are going to have to suffer through.

    As E. J. Dionne said this morning,

    One can now hope that Franken’s seating will make it less likely that Democrats concede more than they have to on health care. The worst outcome would be reform so small and crabbed that it disappoints voters who actually expect real change.  [snip]

    With Franken seated, there is a chance for a better health care bill....

    The key word being, of course, "chance."

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