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    1. Just finishing my MA in Humanities. BA in History, English, BS in Education. I currently teach high school US History, IB History and Theory of Knowledge, and Ethics. My first teaching love is eighth grade Social Studies and Language Arts...I'd kill to get back into the middle school in my district. My wife and I teach for a homestay program in Spain in the summer.
    2. I'm in Ohio. I teach in a wealthy exurban district that is 98% white, but I live in an inner-ring burb of Cleveland that is 50-50, with lots of nationalities represented. My district is one of the best in the state, but also shamelessly self-promoting. In fact, we're encouraged to be self-promoting by our administrators, as you may have noticed. We work a little harder in terms of total assignments than many comparable districts nearby, and there is a great deal of pressure to teach to the tests (OGT: Ohio Graduation Test, SAT, ACT, etc.). I do have a considerable amount of academic freedom, all things considered, though the wingnuts are working to get more of their own on the board (there's one already).
    3. The biggest issue in Ohio is that the state legislature has been told FOUR TIMES by the state supreme court that our funding system for public education is unconstitutional. Yet, the leg. refuses to do anything about it due to the huge majority the GOP has. On the positive side, we have one of the best teacher retirement systems in the nation, and we fought off a GOP attempt to raid it not too long ago.

    One more thing: Teachers unions are the vehicle for reform, not an obstacle.

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