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  •  Yesterday I got rear-ended (14+ / 0-)

    and what's ironic is that I wrote a diary about the car that was hit only a week ago.  It was in the context of the Cash for Clunkers Law, well you can scan it, and note the link to the N.Y. Times article, since it's the same model Saab 9000 as mine.

    It was a crawling rush hour on RT 5 going north near Carlsbad CA.  "Pow" I felt the crash, and then took stock.   I was not hurt, but I knew the car was serioiusly damaged.  But I realized that at that moment of collision my life could have been changed forever, and I could have been living with chronic pain.

    But, this is a heavy car, only gets about 21 MPG average, but these cars will be harder to find.  It's still drivable and the local dealer was near by.  I pointed out how lucky I was that I was driving a substantial car.

    He said if it were a smaller one, a sub-compact the shock could have hurt me.  And I agree.   Driving in smaller cars does make passenger's more vulnerable.  

    I hope this was factored into the equation of mandating higher MPG.  

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