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View Diary: Chronic Tonic: Adventures in Chronic Pain (Stranded Wind) (214 comments)

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  •  Hi all!!! I'm still doing really well these days (6+ / 0-)

    I haven't heard back from the interview I had last Thursday, but then I wasn't really expecting any results until sometime next week.  I'm not letting my hopes get up too much about the position, or feeling dependent upon the decision.

    The job I've been loaned out to do is going well.  There are going to be some others joining the 'group' because they too have been laid off.  I'm not sure if their move is a permanent one, or on loan.  I really don't get the politics of all these damned money buckets for this, that, and everything else.

    My chronic pain is in my hands, more particularly, the right one mostly.  I do have bouts of pain in the back and the knees.  I'm fairly certain that I'll need knee replacement in the future.  My dad needs it and his mother had hers done.  It's got to be something genetic in the construction of our knees.  When my back acts up, not a whole lot helps for any length of time.  When my hand hurts, nothing helps.  I've already had carpal tunnel surgery on the hand, more than 20 years ago.  I've learned to deal with it.

    •  you have come so far my little chickadee (4+ / 0-)
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      triv33, Ellinorianne, nchristine, MsGrin

      to hear you talk about being part of the workforce again with such a clear head and strong voice. wow. and you too, read mycomment upthread about mirror boxes, particularly since your pain is mostly on one side of your body. This stuff is really shit kicking unbelievable!

      "Imagine better than the best you know." Neville Goddard.

      by boatsie on Thu Jul 02, 2009 at 06:40:59 PM PDT

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      •  Thanks!!! I'm really feeling a whole lot better. (3+ / 0-)
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        triv33, Ellinorianne, MsGrin

        I'm no longer 'stuck' and am moving forward again.  I'm even stitching again!!

        You're sounding better as well.  It's all one day at a time.  Will check out the mirror boxes.

      •  I've just finished reading most of the article (1+ / 0-)
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        about the itch.  Very, very interesting!!!  I would tend to agree with the 'memory' response thing.  There could be something along those lines going on with my right hand, in part.  The pain will subside overnight, not gone, but less.  A whole bunch of this is caused by repetitive stress, especially after spending too much time typing or holding a mouse and then not letting it have enough time to recoup.  I'm also predominately right handed.

        I also think that there is a little bit of structural annomolies (sp??)  I say that because when the surgery was done, they found not only the carpal tunnel 'injuries' and/or defects, but another nerve was severely hung up on a bone.  The bone was shaped something like a ball with a curved bone spur projecting out.  The surgeon said that 75% of the nerve was 'missing' at that point (about 2/3 of the carpal tunnel nerve was also missing).  He shaved the hook off the bone so that the nerve can move more freely.

        When they did xrays before surgery, the surgeon found something 'interesting' in the wrist on the side of the thumb.  But in surgery, didn't really find anything.  However, that's where I have the most pain now.  I do have phantom feelings from where the trunk of my car fell on the hand, precipitating all the exams and finally surgery.  It's really weird!!  Doesn't happen very often, but very weird when it does.  I can feel it all the way up into my back.

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