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  •  I, in the past, was on aricept and excelon (2+ / 0-)
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    triv33, MsGrin

    and Razadyne a few years back, not for AD of course but because of memory/cognitive issues. I was on Razadyne the longest but I did not notice any change, so they took me off of it. But since I had a large decrease in all cognitive good things, and an increase in all cognitive bad things, they put me back on Razadine. They're thoughts are that along with other things it might have held things in check and when I was taken off of it things got worse... and so I am now back on it and will be starting cytoxan.

    Cytoxan is used for SLE brain issues, and is the closest thing to 'treatment' I will be on...if I tolerate it, if it holds things in check, or at least if it slows the progression down. Razadyne is just to assist in keeping things from progressing, hopefuly with memory issues (One of the cognitive issues I have).

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