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View Diary: [UPDATED] Al Jazeera On Advance of Fundamentalism in US Military (237 comments)

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  •  there will always be people who (2+ / 0-)
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    Naniboujou, roadbear

    manage to beat any system.  And there will always be overt outlaws.  

    However, that is no reason to dismantle the system any more than to dismantle the law.  

    Folks in the Army had a little nickname for Bush:  the Deserter-in-Chief.  They knew what was up with that.  And Cheney became known as Five-Deferment Dick.  

    The disgrace that these people engender for themselves by way of their actions, follows them around for a lifetime.  

    And the very fact that two draft dodgers ended up in the White House together, and that another one has a national radio show, is exactly what happens when the draft is abandoned.  

    Bush/Cheney would never have been nominated as candidates if a draft was in effect in 2000.  

    Drug-Rush Limbaugh would never have been given a microphone if a draft was still in effect.  

    Any rewards for these people would have seemed like insults to those who serve.  Parents with draftee sons & daughters would not have voted for them or listened to them on the radio.  

    Think of where we would be today if that was the case.

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