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  •  Okay, good. My understanding is correct. (3+ / 0-)
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    And your point about not wanting to add more heating in any event is clear.

    I had lunch last week with my very old uncle and a very old uncle, both of whom are "contrarians" on this, as you kindly put it. I think it boils down to a childhood image of the earth. They grew up thinking that the earth is an incredibly vast thing that the tiny human race was still tentatively exploring. They just can't grasp that the earth is a small blue ball that is being rapidly changed by human. So they just don't believe that it's possible for humans to change climate, on a deeply unconscious level.

    Very frustrating to argue with them. CO2 is a GOOD thing, they say! Why would we possibly want to limit a good thing!? And the solution to energy shortages is obviously just more drilling! After all, everybody knows that there is more and more oil the deeper you go!

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