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  •  Clever, but obviously wrong! [some final hints] (2+ / 0-)
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    1. According to the diary:

    Puzzle # 5: Puzzle-In-A-Poll

    The last P-I-A-P, two weeks ago was based on a political song.  I liked that, so I'm doing it again. But to make things a little easier, this time the song and the lyric are the same -- and it's a song I think most people who post here should be familiar with.

    There may be a song titled "Why?"  And one of its lyrics may even be "Why?"  But if so, I have no idea who it is by or what it sounds like.

    Nope.  This is a well-known song by a well-known writer and singer of political music.

    2. The diary also says:

    If you have any trouble, the other puzzles should be helpful. (One puzzle, in particular, will fill in the bit which I didn't quite have room to include at the end of the poll question.)

    And here, for easy reference, is the poll question:

    I have screwed up some past Puzzle-In-A-Polls, and posted some which have had more than one possible answer. This time the answer is right! So what you need to figure out is ... ?

    3. While the idea that Y represents the question why and would thus fit the theme is clever (and something which didn't occur to me, darn it!), it doesn't explain why some letters are positioned at the beginning of the line and others are positioned at the end.  When you come up with the correct solution, the reason I did that will be clear.

    Still about 5 hours left in which to figure it out!  (And since I tend to run late these days, "5 hours" is often more like 10...)

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