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View Diary: DKos GreenRoots: News from the Arctic:  29 June 2009 (48 comments)

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  •  we will adapt by moving (5+ / 0-)
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    RichM, dsteffen, Turbonerd, Picot verde, possum

    all our coastal cities with billions of people who are tied to existing transportation and utility grids and infrastructure? How will that work?

    Our main agricultural areas will have to move.  How will that work on the timescale required?

    The species can adapt but can our present civilization?  Won't be easy.

    i love it when climate change deniers say "well, the sea used to be 300 feet higher and then 300 feet lower than now.

    I would love to see the current human civilization "adapt" to much higher seas in the short term.  And huge dustbowls that would make the 1930s look like a picnic.

    Life will survive.  But species will die out and move.  Humans are not set up right now for the flexibility required.

    Yes, the climate has changed.  Whole life forms have died out. Entire classes of animals and plants.  

    •  Actually if we had an endless supply of (2+ / 0-)
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      dsteffen, possum

      cheap oil, we would not have that much problem adapting to all these problems.

      Is it really so hard to pick up and move elsewhere with an bottomless supply of cheap energy?

      The problem is that we are running out of oil and cheap energy.

      •  Huh ... (3+ / 0-)
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        dsteffen, Picot verde, possum

        you seem to be assuming that "warming" is the only issue at play here. This isn't only about rising seas; not just about disruption to agriculture through unpredictable weather patterns in a changing climate; not just about extinctions; not just about new diseases and changed disease patterns; not just about acidification of the oceans.

        Having more oil to burn is a solution to Peak Oil, but not to the combined energy & environmental & economic challenges and opportunities.

        •  I am in favor of James Hansen's (2+ / 0-)
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          billlaurelMD, dsteffen

          tax and dividend plan which would be the most effective plan to curb global warming.

          I would guess the public knows about global warming, but when it comes to policy that forces the public to change their lifestyles they would rather take their chances with global warming.

          When it comes to peak oil and feeding six billion people there is no good hope of keeping our present lifestyle.  

          If global warming was the only worry, there is an argument that we could just adapt. And this argument is hard to refute.  

      •  I think you vastly underestimate the (1+ / 0-)
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        complexity and conflicts inherent in "moving" huge complex interconnected cities with hundreds of millions of people

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