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View Diary: DKos GreenRoots: News from the Arctic:  29 June 2009 (48 comments)

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    dsteffen, possum, Hopeful Skeptic

    There were a few minor inaccuracies in the data collected and initially report last year so all of this is a hoax?  Right?  That is what the resident Dkos AGW deniers keep telling me. This is all a hoax created by Al Gore to personally enrich Al Gore, isn't it??. The proof? Well, Al Gore is making lots of money since leaving office!! What more proof do you need??   That is what they tell me!!

    Oh yes, and last fall the same people were telling me that the record rapid regrowth of ice after the summer melt was "proof" that ice loss in the Arctic was a hoax.   These same people also told me that the "scientist hoaxers" had predicted an "ice free Arctic soon". What they predicted was an ice free Arctic in the SUMMER 2030-2050.  But if that comes sooner the deniers will tell me that that proves the models are a hoax because they underestimated the change. Never mind the change!!

    Finally, the deniers on this site are so desperate they are back to the old "weather" canards:  they say that since we can't predict the weather next month exactly how can we possibly predict the climate in 5 - 50 years?  Well, what astonishing logic that is!!  Wow.

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