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View Diary: Keep an eye out for bear - a DK GreenRoots/Shenandoah NP photodiary (47 comments)

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  •  This is my second home (12+ / 0-)

    I spend a week here every summer or fall, and have hiked in all the spots you mentioned.

    Great picture of the bear.  Two summers ago I was on the AT a few miles above Loft Mountain campground and I heard leaves rustling above me.  I looked up and there was a bear in the tree.  He climbed down in seconds, ran across the trail just a few feet in front of me, and disappeared into the thicket.  The summer before I saw a bear maybe 50 feet from me, this one on the loop trail around Loft Mountain.  This past summer I only saw a bear on Skyline Drive - it's much more exciting seeing one on foot.

    Can't wait to get away for this year's trip, it will probably not be until September or October.  It's so great to have a national park this close to Baltimore-Washington.

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    by Navy Vet Terp on Wed Jul 01, 2009 at 05:47:19 PM PDT

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