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  •  It's not very complex in principle. (4+ / 0-)
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    plf515, DBunn, BlueStateRedhead, kktlaw

    Recommends are weighted by how recent they are, so those from two minutes ago count for more than those from two hours ago, and so on.  The software totals up the weighted recommends and diaries with the top totals at any given refresh appear on the Rec List.

    So, for example, and I'm making up the weightings as I don't know the precise timing or multipliers...

    Diary One, which posted 1h15m ago has:

    3 recommends from past 5 minutes (each counts for a full 1.0) totaling 3.0, plus

    8 recommends from 6-15 minutes ago (each counts for 0.75) totaling 6.0, plus

    20 recommends from 16-60 minutes ago (each counts for 0.5) totaling 10.0, plus

    8 recommends from 1-3 hours ago (each counts for 0.25) totaling 2.0, plus

    0 recommends from 3-24 hours ago (each counts for 0.1) totaling 0.0, thus

    Diary One has 39 recommends, and when each is weighted for time it has a RecScore of 3 + 6 + 10 + 2 + 0 = 21.  If that is among the top 8 RecScores when you refresh the home page, Diary One will appear on your Rec List.

    It means diaries that received a lot of recommends very recently will pop to the Rec List, while those that have more-but-older recommends will drop off.  At some point, recommends "age off" completely.

    Make sense?

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