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  •  There is no evidence that one man's bad (1+ / 0-)
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    experience (sent to prison) will deter others from engaging in similar malfeasance.  After all, look at George W. Bush.  He wasn't deterred by the example of Nixon at all.  Malefactors, if they even pay attention to the fortunes of their ilk, tend to think they can "do better" and get away with the crime.  (So far, George W. seems to have made an accurate assessment).

    Besides, it's really doubtful that drug dealers read the news and, when a competitor is taken off the street, that does them good.  Not to mention that the many months or years that pass between an arrest, conviction and a sentence sort of dull the effect of the whole process.

    Need I add that I don't think the state has any business interfering with what people ingest, inhale or inject into their own bodies or, for that matter, excrete?

    How do you tell a predator from a protector? The predator will eat you sooner rather than later.

    by hannah on Tue Jun 30, 2009 at 09:28:19 AM PDT

    •  And what happened to Nixon? (0+ / 0-)

      He resigned, but he wasn't sent to jail.  If Nixon had died in prison, and the same threat hung over Bush's head, I guarantee you he wouldn't have invaded Iraq.

      Bush knew he could get away with it.  A bunch of corrupt thugs on Wall Street now know they can't.

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