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  •  Yeah, so he knows that "If you're a married guy.. (3+ / 0-)
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    lirtydies, OleHippieChick, cbyoung the end of the day you shouldn't be dancing with somebody else. So anyway, without wandering into that field we'll just say that I let my guard down in all senses of the word [with other women] without ever crossing the line that I crossed with this situation." wapo's ap story

    Yet, he did go around dancing with other women. He met Maria at "at an open air dance spot in Uruguay eight years ago," he said.

    Also, just to show he is in the right party:  

    "What I would say is that I've never had sex with another woman. Have I done stupid? I have. You know you meet someone. You dance with them. You go to a place where you probably shouldn't have gone," Sanford said, declining to discuss details. But he said those encounters were nothing like his relationship with Chapur.

    This guy is "trying to fall back in love" with his wife. What kind of stupid is this as a way to accomplish it? What kind of stupid is it to put this in the media and embarrass your family, your sons?

    Nice, governor. Nice and stupid. Very GOP.

    emphasis added mine

    I really don't understand how bipartisanship is ever going to work when one of the parties is insane. - John Cole

    by Gorette on Tue Jun 30, 2009 at 03:26:30 PM PDT

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