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  •  Jenny could run for Governor (4+ / 0-)
    Certainly might have some sympathy vote.

    The line about her not being his soulmate but he was going to try to fall back in love with her also pretty much guarantees acquittal of anything she might want to do to him in a trial with an all female jury - of any political persuasion.

    •  Why an "all-female" jury? (2+ / 0-)
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      MazeDancer, Ttownpainter

      After that comment, not to mention everything else, if she were on trial for putting him down, and I was on the jury, I'd not only vote to acquit, I'd award her a commendation for meritorious public service.
      Guy that stupid and vile to his wife and kids not only doesn't deserve to hold office, he arguably doesn't deserve to live.
      And last time I checked, I was still pretty male.

      •  Point taken (1+ / 0-)
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        Apologies for any sexist tinge. Was also thinking that in SC the spiritual advisor chaperones might be male. But on the other hand, maybe not.

        Sandford's comments were so insane, also had a flash of maybe he's trying to get her to dump him. She's very wealthy. So maybe he's trying not to pay up or something, by getting her angry enough to just leave.

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