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  •  I still don't buy the "bug". (3+ / 0-)
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    Right now my current "hopeful silver bullet" is General Fusion in Canada, who is currently working on what appears to be a very sound idea for a fusion reactor.

    They recently got 13 Mil(C) from the Canadian Gov. to help spur investors for their first test machine (they've already successfully built a proof of concept device).  They raised 7 Mil(C) in the 4th quarter of last year...and their goal is 50 million by the time they finish their first working reactor to prove net power gain (couple more years).

    I'm always skeptical, particluarly of fusion - who's let us down so many times before - but should this work out, we're looking at fusion plants that cost about as much to build and run as a coal plant.  Maybe not a true "silver bullet"...but still one hell of a dent.

    In the mean time...let's pound out as much solar and wind power as humanly possible!

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