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  •  My dryer died over a year ago. (3+ / 0-)

    I hang clothes out on a female engineered clothes line and, in bad weather, use a dryer rack with a fan assist in some cases. I save money and it doesn't heat the house up.

    I haven't used any propane to heat my home for about 5 years now. Plastic on windows makes a huge difference. We only use small space heaters as needed to heat occupied rooms. I wrap up in an electric blanket and use a weenie dog lap cover when I watch a movie. Sometimes I can see my breath but, hell, it's winter.

    I haven't used central AC for several years either. I have 2 small window units that only run when the room is occupied. When it's really hot, we sweat a little bit but, hell, it's summer.

    My water heater is going out so I never leave the shower running. I get wet, turn off the water, soap up and rinse.

    We compost and recycle so I only have one small bag of trash per week. Rather than pay the $35/month for rural trash pick-up, I take it to the dump for $1/bag. That saves me $31/month.

    •  Lots of Silver Dust Motes there ... (1+ / 0-)
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      Couple thoughts / questions:

      1. Have you looked into DIY solar hot water?  There is Fed assistance (30%) and since you don't need to worry about hard freeze, less expensive a system.  Yes, money up front and understand that money is tight.
      1. Also on water heater -- you're likely talking an old one. Even as "going out", still worth insulating it. (Assume it is 10+ years old, you can cut the annual energy requirement 10+% by turning it down a few degrees & then with insulating blanket to reduce heat loss.)
      1.  Re cooling ... house fan?  

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