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  •  the oil companies can't (1+ / 0-)
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    A Siegel

    make money selling you oil made from bugs, they need expensive processes like drilling, fracturing, extensive supply and transportation networks, etc... to keep the price up.  They'll resist oil made form bacteria.

    Not sure if anyone noticed any of the comments at the end of the "Bug Creates Oil" article from the Times Online.  One poster was already touting the fact that this was a carbon neutral process given the fact that any carbon released to the atmosphere was originally absorbed by the bacteria during synthesis and growth.  I'm not very strong on this end of the carbon chain, but it seems like that poster was missing something.

    Also, no mention of the lasting effects of heat liberated during combustion of oil created by the bugs... I guess that is not really the aim of the article though.

    Halini wari te, ni mogo be, fen bee b'i fe. (Bambara Proverb - Even if you don't have money, if you have family you have everything.)

    by montanamatt on Wed Jul 01, 2009 at 08:28:38 AM PDT

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