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  •  Can't break laws of physics (3+ / 0-)
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    Deward Hastings, A Siegel, Joffan

    I refuse to entertain proposals that require violations of the laws of physics. There is only so much solar energy available per square meter, even if you can capture 100% of it. (Best cells are around 40% in the laboratory right now). And the amount of energy required to accelerate a given mass is also pretty much fixed by the laws of physics.

    I'm all in favor of doing research on increasing solar cell efficiency, and more research on increasing electric drive efficiency, but the particular combo you advocate is just not that likely to be cost effective anytime in the next few decades.

    However, A Siegal is correct about using a small solar panel to drive a ventilation fan, keeping a vehicle from getting hot while parked, would significantly reduce the load on the AC once the vehicle is moving. That's a very legitimate plan.

    •  Note that ... (0+ / 0-)

      there are solar cars out there on the road -- although the route from those cars to basic transportation is pretty unclear.  If solar is inexpensive enough, which seems likely to be emerging in coming years, it could become an ever-more reasonable ROI on energy / financial / comfort terms to be putting it on more and more cars -- augmenting the system's other sources of power, probably not providing all (or a majority) of it.

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