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View Diary: Honduran Congress Suspends Constitutional Guarantees (17 comments)

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    jim d, cadejo4, Louisiana 1976, Anak

    I really hope the rest of the hemisphere can lean on the Honduran "government" hard enough to get them to let Zelaya back in tho serve out his term.
    I've been amazed by how many of my friends in Honduras (I'm not Honduran, but I lived there from 1994-1996) think this was a good thing.  Almost everybody 've written to seemed to hate Zelaya, saying he was a dictator, a socialist, comparing him to Chávez and even Castro, and so on...
    The last thing I want is to feel vindicated in my mistrust at the plotters and sadness that this happened since it'll mean things like this are happening.  Sometimes being right sucks.

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    by Mumphrey on Wed Jul 01, 2009 at 08:28:42 PM PDT

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