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View Diary: Honduras' Coup Congress Cancels Five Basic Liberties (331 comments)

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  •  And at that pro-coup "rally" (15+ / 0-)

    ...on the stage, was the very military general that led the coup!

    He spoke, too. (Just in case anybody had any doubt as to who was in charge now.)

    It was a bone-chilling moment.

    •  more pro-coup propaganda from... (3+ / 0-)
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      Paul Goodman, jim d, Aviate

      the WSJ (surprise!):

      Note the "CDS" afflicted title. And the classic giveaway of aristocratic prejudice referring to democracy as "rule by the mob".

      As for Honduras (which gets little mention compared to time spent waving the specter of Chavez around):

      "Mr. Zelaya was using the extralegal referendum as an act of political intimidation to force the Congress to allow a rewrite of the constitution so he could retain power."

      The fevered imaginings of the coup are simply facts. It is difficult to see the fantasized chain of events where a yes vote on the referendum could allow Zelaya to retain power (as AlphaLiberal points out above). Yet the coup asserts the self-serving speculation so it is a fact for the WSJ. And again the anti-democracy credentials shine through: the opinion of the majority of voters ("the mob") is "political intimidation" against the efforts of poor right wing politicians to preserve the will of the minority. Let's all cry them a river.

      •  its about money (2+ / 0-)
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        Kristina40, Johnny Q

        Raising the minimum wage 60% just about says it all.  The WSJ would never support someone who wants to raise the minimum wage.  The coup is about money.   The rich hate raising the minimum wage.

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