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View Diary: Honduras' Coup Congress Cancels Five Basic Liberties (331 comments)

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  •  Wow, HR'd for RW attack on Kerry (1+ / 0-)
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    He looks French and a cadaver?  WTF?  

    Too bad, since your arguments in this diary on the topic at hand were a good addition.  Incidentally, prior to the coup, Kerry had a big problem with what the President was up to.  Clearly, a military coup is worse, though.

    Take back your desparaging comment about Kerry, and I will remove the HR.  We don't need right wing invented ad hominem attacks on our past nominees on this site.

    •  Maybe the cadaver comment was over the line (0+ / 0-)

      My candidate was implicitly disparaged though.  I can't imagine we would have been in nearly this situation though if either of them had won.
      As I recall, Kerry was thought to be "the candidate we can win with" and then he reacted to the swift boating crew with anguished hand wringing and lofty statements when what was called for was an equally vicious counter stroke. Knife fights aren't won by esoteric policy arguments.

      •  Even in retrospect, it is not clear that a (0+ / 0-)

        stronger response was possible or could have worked better.

        The fact is that Kerry's team came out with a 36 page report on all the provable lies in the SBVT's book within one day. This is identical to what Obama did when the Corsi book came out. Kerry also immediately had surrogates out countering the liar, just as Obama did.

        Three things Obama had that Kerry didn't were that Obama immediately put out the information on Corsi's despicable Free Republic posts that Kerry's team found and gave to the media in 2004, and most people by 2008 equated swiftboating (thus Corsi) and maliciously lying

        In addition, in April Kerry had responded to an earlier attack by putting his entire service record, except medical reports up on his web site. There were fitness reports spanning the entire interval - all positive. When he left Vietnam, he was assigned to an admiral and the records show that he needed and got a higher clearance that was needed for the job.

        Kerry had all the people on his boats when he earned the medals behind him. He also had Republican Senator Warner, who had been Secretary of the Navy, saying he earned the medals.

        The fact is pure and simple - the media condoned a character assassination. The fact is there was never a "Kerry" story and SBVT story. It was the "official Navy record" versus people with known connections to Bush - even sharing the same lawyer as the Bush/Cheney campaign, disputing the official record with not one piece of proof. This would be like someone disputing your academic record and the media taking their assertion (not even checking to see if they ever knew you) as equal in credibility to a transcript.

        Then, to add insult to injury, they didn't cover Kerry's speech before the Firefighters which they were told would address the complaints. Somehow that THREE MINUTE response was not as newsworthy as hours of time given to people even after they were found to have lied on earlier comments.

        The idea that Dean would have responded better is absurd for three reasons. He would have faced the same media which was unlikely to help him any more than they helped Kerry. Look at Dean's response to the normal attacks a front runner gets - he complained that :he did not like being a pin cushion". Now, I can just see the RW response had Kerry said that in response to teh SBVT. In addition, Kerry when angry gets more focused, but he never shows red faced, sputtering anger.

        I like Dean and Kerry. The fact is that Dean did not face the enormous amount of hate and smearing that Kerry did. Kerry handled all of that with a huge amount of grace and ran a high road campaign.

        •  Dean lost Iowa (0+ / 0-)

          which still leaves me red faced and sputtering (why do a bunch of pig farmers get to decide?) There was really no more pin cushioning for him after that.  What people (voters) appreciate is a certain level of passion.  "Do you really want the job" they ask.  If Kerry had come out with steam pouring from his ears and said in 60 seconds what he thought of those cowards he would have controlled the sound bite.  He took the high road back to Massachsetts.

          •  He did - before the firefighters (0+ / 0-)

            and the media gave it scant coverage. He said in about a minute or two - He said that what was true 35 years before and was still true was that the Navy gave him those medals - which he then listed. He mentioned that he still had shrapnel in his leg.

            He was clearly angry and very very focused.

            There was no doubt that he wanted the job. He needed to also appear Presidential and in control.

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