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  •  I learnt about a giant garbage patch in the ocean (1+ / 0-)
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    (Pacific) today. It's aptly named 'The Great Pacific Garbage Patch'. I know it is a symptom rather than cause of our biggest environmental problem (global warming), but its sheer size is sickening.

    *'Estimated to be twice the size of Texas.'

    *'Mean mass of 5.1 milligrams plastic per square meter.'

    A little part of me died after learning about this a few days ago,  nothing compared to the many ocean and air species being strangled by the plastic.

    *'As it disintegrates, the plastic ultimately becomes small enough to be ingested by aquatic organisms which reside near the ocean's surface'

    Learning that humans eating contaminated fish will also suffer heartened me somewhat, but not enough to overcome the empty feeling as I think of it out there, bobbing-around grotesquely.

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