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  •  P.U. indeed. (0+ / 0-)

    Mildest critiques? What a master of understatement you are.

    All right, then: let's see 'em. Quote for us a non-mild critique of religion from the above diary. (Or was it racerx's comment that caused you to decide atheists had set your hair on fire? That would be rich--racerx's comment was pro-religion!)

    And atheists and agnostics are hardly silent and marginized.

    Oh, we're increasingly not "silent"--that's right. But that's precisely what's got you so pissy. See, my reference to "silent and marginalized" is a conditional statement: it describes the circumstances in which you, as you claimed, "have no problem" with us. But as you've demonstrated, once your religious privilege is challenged you start lying your ass off about us. So breaking our silence has helped, here, to identify who the privileged bigots are.

    As for "marginalized," there I'm afraid you just don't know what you're talking about.

    The point of that whole thread that I commented on was that any belief in a deity negates any usefullness that one may have to the 'green' party.

    "That whole thread"? You mean, this thread? Started by Meteor Blades' diary and racerx's pro-religion comment? Hate to break it to you, but neither one carries any sentiment remotely related to "any belief in a deity negates any usefullness [sic] that one may have to the 'green' party," or any one of the several other absurd mischaracterizations you've posted of the entries you're purportedly responding to.

    Don't tell me to read anything over again.

    Okay, you caught me presuming: Read it for the first time. The point is that you need to actually pay attention to what your interlocutors are saying. Even if you feel the need to continue with the bigotry, at least then it'll be informed bigotry.

    Silent my ass.

    I wish! (You're excused.)

    •  Okay, for you, my reply was (0+ / 0-)
      misplaced. This thread is such a rat's nest of indentated responses I didn't know where the fuck I was.

      Now, as to what I said. I meant that the whole OP was shit. There is NO reason whatsoever to bring up anything like religion and question whether or not it has a place in environmental causes OR ANY OTHER CAUSE FOR THAT MATTER.

      One of the dumbest fucking moves the left has made in the past few years is that they've pushed, actually DRIVEN, the majority of people with sincere religious conviction into the arms of the fucking right just by the dumb ass nasty shit they say. Asking whether or not religious views have any relevancy in the environmental movement was actually a call to stir up shit. And as a side note, I am assuming that they meant ALL religions, not just Christianity. But then, I could be wrong, it could just be the good old home grown natural 'we hate Christians, they're just sooooooooooo DE-LU-SION-AL' crap that I see and find offense in but ignore all the time.

      YES, MY RESPONSE ENDED UP IN THE WRONG PLACE. SO KILL ME. I bet that's never happened to you before.

    •  Rieux (0+ / 0-)

      Good job, but you seem to be medicating the dead. That person is very angry and it would appear very religious. If you can talk sense into them you are truly talented.

      My comment wasn't so much "pro-religion" as it was designed to tweak the noses of the religiously obnoxious by reminding them that many of the people they normally claim for their own were not religious (and many admired Paine, who vehemently detested Christianity). The Deists did believe in God but they saw "God's work" all around them and compared it to the garbage written in the books of the priests, and made their decisions based on enlightened philosophy. In their religious worldview, the environment was literally God's message to us, so desecrating that would be anathema.

      Compare that to the Bible telling us to multiply endlessly and to take whatever we want from the planet because Jesus will come clean up the mess soon.


      "we must make the rescue of the environment the central organizing principle for civilization" - Al Gore

      by racerx on Sat Jul 04, 2009 at 01:05:53 AM PDT

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