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  •  Wolf hunts are a part of that, however. (1+ / 0-)

    The point of the diary wasn't to return wolves to the endangered species list, but to celebrate a success of the endangered species program: in most of their current habitat, wolves have rebounded to sustainable populations.  There are some who still want to eradicate wolves, but they are fewer than they were 46 years ago and if we can educate the public as to this marvelous species, those who want to eradicate them will be fewer still 46 years from now.

    That said, carefully-managed wolf hunts are part of that ecosystem and always were, because we humans are also part of the ecosystem.  We're not the central part, and I hope 46 years from now we're even more aware that the earth does not exist solely for our comfort and convenience.  For me, sustainability means re-learning that we're part of a very complex system and fitting ourselves to what that system best rewards: openness, diversity, and resilience.

    Good afternoon! ::huggggggggggggs::

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