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View Diary: DK GreenRoots- The Beef With Beef: Global Warming and Cancer (87 comments)

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  •  Responsibility (farmers and Kossacks) (1+ / 0-)
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    I'm happy to hear about any steps taken to reduce environmental damage and to promote good environmental practices.

    As for me, I'll take carrots over dairy products any day of the week. I'm at an age where osteoporosis is an issue, so I'm definitely in the no-dairy camp.

    As to leaving claims of superior morality to the wingers: this was quite a funny comment, as I just came from the diaries on Sarah Palin. It isn't just wingers who who might be described that way.

    However, I didn't mean to assert a claim of moral superiority. I do respect the right of every person to make life's decisions according to his or her own wishes, hopes, aspirations, ethical standards, judgment, etc.

    We each choose to do what we want to do. Sometimes other people will have opinions about what we do, positive or negative. Some people pay no attention to the views of others. Sometimes, people have been known to change their beliefs or behavior because of the opinions of others. And a lot of people on dKos are interested in encouraging others to do just that--especially in an election year.

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      I didn't mean to assert a claim of moral superiority

      Maybe it's the cataracts that has me reading what is not there. :-)

      Milk is very bad for me.  OTOH my doctor and even dietician says cheese is very good for diabetics.  And then there is.....

      I asked a vegetarian diabetic how in hell he could eat a healthy diet.  I couldn't get a straight answer no way.  

      Actually diet advice is mostly worth less than financial advice from bankers.  

      My real point was that animal husbandry can be even beneficial or destructive.  Agriculture as a whole is damaging to the environment, whether you grow carrots or cows.  Answers lie in science and reason rather than ideology in my view.

      Best,  Terry

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