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View Diary: Morning Feature: Mass Transit - Our Lives and Footprints (Plus Kossascopes) (185 comments)

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  •  Let's assume we have a can opener. (10+ / 0-)

    Like many great ideas, that's only great if: (a) you have a complete choice of where to live; and, (b) the choice includes a "sweet spot."

    It's rather like the joke about the football player, the physicist, and the economist stranded on a desert island with just one can of beans and no way to open it.  The football player offers to smash the can open with his head, but the physicist insists that won't work and he doesn't like blood in his beans anyway.  The physicist says he'll impart a precise velocity on a coconut from atop a tree, but the economist says that probably won't work and anyway he doesn't like coconut in his beans.  So the other two turn to him, and the economist says "First let's assume we have a can opener."

    Good morning! ::hugggggggggs::

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