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  •  The poll was whether or not to hold (1+ / 0-)
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    a referendum on a new constitutional convention.  The rightwing interpretation of that initiative was that Zelaya was doing it in order to get himself reelected.  I've never seen direct evidence he wanted reelection and the indirect evidence suggests the accusation was false.

    This is a bit confusing, so bear with me.  Last week's poll would have been a non-binding opinion survey.  If it had passed, it could have led to a second referendum on the November ballot -- that is, if Congress agreed to accede to the wishes of the citizenry as expressed in a non-binding poll.

    The second referendum would have allowed citizens to vote on whether new elections should be held for a Constituent Assembly.  In the meantime, however, people would have been voting for a new president and a new congress.

    Presidential elections in Honduras take place in November and the president is inaugurated in January.  It's not at all clear that a Constituent Assembly could have been elected and installed in power before Zelaya had to leave office under the existing constitution.

    Once a Constituent Assembly comes into being, however, it is by definition sovereign.  It can do whatever it wants.  If it chooses, in the sovereign exercise of its power, to undo the language of a clause written twenty-seven years ago, there's not really a constitutional problem with that.

    The golpistas themselves have committed various violations of Honduran law and the Constitution.  Most recently, Micheletti proposed early presidential elections, which appears to put him even more clearly in violation of Article 237 of the Constitution -- which is unamendable -- than Zelaya ever was of Article 239.

    Richard "The Dick" Cheney: screwing America since 1969

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