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    Kimball Cross

    ... sorely missing when Iraq was the subject.

    On the US ability to neutralize the Iranian military in hours... it is simply the fact.

    We have spent $400+ billion per year for decades to build this capability.

    Let me give you the break down, and understand most of the forces required are already PRESENT in the area and awaiting orders.


    The Navy will bring attack subs into range of Iranian Navy ships, seals will lay mines and plant explosives on Iranian ships in port.

    The 3 aircraft carriers will pull within operations distance, the electronic countermeasures ready to go. Nothing will get near them, when Aegis goes on, the Iranians will only "see" any other three carriers.

    The "wild weasels" will launch and fly toward Iran.

    B2s and stealth fighters will be on thier way to strike communications and leadership.

    Synchronized, at zero hour, the Ministry's required will blow up, critical power plants will go dark, the Navy will sink the Iranian navy, the wild weasels will turn on the countermeasures and Iranian air defense will see 2,000+ fake aircraft inbound.

    Iranian air defenses stupid enough to turn on thier radars will be destroyed by antiradiation missles from the wild weasels.

    Hundreds of F18's F15's and F16's will race in, and will shoot down any Iranian aircraft that get off the ground, destroy all aircraft on the ground, and bomb the living shit out of Iranian military bases that pose any threat.

    Once the air defenses are neutralized, the next phase can occur.... which will depend on just what it is we are going to do. 24 to 48 hours have passed. It will be done at night, with the assault on the sites the following night. Prime ramification is Iranian missle attacks at US forces in Iraq and Afganistan and at Israel... IF they can get them fired before communications is cut, or if site commanders have authority to launch.

    A precision action to destroy the nuclear sites will involve air support to prevent reinforcement of security at the sites, and special forces/marine asaults by air of the facilities to arrange self-destruct. Part of the force will build air strips to bug out, while the rest will destroy the facilities. C17's and helicopters will extract the assault forces. Big explosions ensue, facilities destroyed.


    A "total war" action would have the B52's from Deigo Garcia appear, delivering 44,000 500lb bombs PER DAY on Iran, to destroy every single item of infrastructure... every bridge, water plant, dam, sewer treatment plant, power and communications facility, government building, military asset, on down the list until they reach The Supreme Leader's outhouse. This would take 1-2 weeks and leave Iran utterly obliterated using only conventional weapons.

    In neither case would we harm the Iranian oil facilities.... cough.

    Again, don't shoot the messenger, this is simply taken from the Desert Storm playbook and what has been discussed in the media over the years.

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