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View Diary: I guess Rahm doesn't read the Organizing for America healthcare horror stories (197 comments)

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  •  I agree completely - Obama is playing chess (4+ / 0-)

    Public pressure -- the kind generated by nyceve and the whip count project -- is what will win the day for the public option.

    Think about two scenarios.

    (1)  Obama draws a "line in the sand."  Progressives smile and relax.  Industry keeps up the pressure and the Centrist Dems kill the public plan, calling Obama's veto bluff.  No matter what he does then, his presidency goes down in flames.

    (2)  Obama makes his position clear but refuses to draw the line in the sand.  Progressives fight, momentum builds.  Centrist Dems say they are "very concerned" but refuse to filibuster in the face of public opinion.  We get real heath reform AND a successful progressive presidency.

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