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    lineatus, Neon Vincent, UTvoter

    yup, that's why we need to create careers for young people who care about science and want to do something to help society, not just to help the financial industry....

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      I completely agree with your premise, but the problem is not simply a matter of disregard.

      Corporate influence is a problem. And religious influence is a problem. And while science communication might have lost its edge, it is not fundamentally a science PR failure.

      And as a corollary, while it is a fact that most scientists think that that virtually every religious person is an idiot, research shows that it is not a serious PR issue.

      The "problem" is pretty obvious: quoting Asmiov, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic".

      We've simply hit that point within our own civilization. So be it. This is a lost cause. Now we should only be worried if they don't fund the "aliens" enough to keep us happy.

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