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View Diary: Beating Machine Politics in Boston (64 comments)

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  •  BPS (7+ / 0-)

    Sam, how will your proposal for charter schools (which I'm assuming also includes pilot schools) affect funding for the Boston Public Schools?

    •  charter schools vs. BPS (2+ / 0-)
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      peace voter, purplehusky

      What we need is a dialogue that respects the roles that both charters and traditional public schools play.  No one claims that they offer exactly the same value to student populations with exactly the same chararcteristics.  I see the lines that we draw between these two system as being artificial.  

      At the same time, we do not want a two-tiered system.  The conflict that infects our dialogue on schools is generated by the stress caused by under-resourcing education in general.  Let's all focus on that.

      To put things in perspective: Boston Public Schools has 148 schools; charters, 15.  Charters are not going to save public education even if we allow them to double.  

      We all need to talk about increasing the size of the pie for public education.  Then we'll devote less energy to fighting over how we divide it.  

      •  Yes, let's increase the budget overall (2+ / 0-)
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        peace voter, purplehusky

        But as you know, people tend to get more excited and devote more energy to the "new and different" at the expense of existing institutions.  Since the existing schools are not (for the most part) going away, I am very concerned that we not lose sight of the existing problems and continue to come up with solutions.

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